Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's been going on!

So clearly it has been nearly a century since I've updated the blog.  So here is a rundown of everything that has been going on.
Kenyon is in 2nd grade and having a great time.  He rides his bike like a champ and is crazy awesome at the Wii. 
River is 3 and is a little sassy pants.  He is finally potty trained, so he no longer has to be locked in the closet after he wets the bed....Just kidding.  He is also awesome at the Wii and sometimes beats Ryan, which doesn't make Ryan happy.
Our latest edition to the Barker family is our baby Skye Lily.  Ok, it really has been a while, because our little baby is turning 1 this month.  She was born on 9/22/09.  She is the best baby in the entire world, she is such a joy and quite beautiful to boot.  Here are some pictures of our life this past year.
Our 3 little monkeys
Skye Lily Barker fresh from the oven   
River flexing his muscles
Our superheros
Tired newborn Skye
Skye's big bro
the boys on a hike
River at the zoo
Pretty girl