Monday, March 7, 2011

Snowshoeing in Arches

We had the best time this day!  The coolest part was the fact that it only took us 10 minutes to drive here!  It was literally the coldest day of all time, like –1 in the sun, but somehow my kids stayed warm and we had a blast.  P.S. River in snowshoes is the funniest thing ever.






It was too cold to smile, but she tried!



Driving home


Hole in the Rock

About 10 miles south of Moab is Hole in the rock, a place that looks right out of the 50’s route 66 era.  _DSC0004_DSC0005

quite literally the kitchiest gift shop of all time


Kenyon and River feeding the Alpaca


Amy feeding a camel.  Clearly this was very exciting for me.


After that we went for a hike to see some petroglyphs


Baby wanted to be very independent, but clearly wasn’t ready to be off on her own just yet.


Kenyon at Delicate Arch

Kenyon and Ryan took a hike to Delicate Arch last month.  It was a really fun Kenyon Daddy time.