Kid Quotes

My Kids Say Weird Stuff

"I'm Ironman!" (River's favorite thing to say. He also thinks he is Batman and the Hulk)

"Cats are suspicious." Says Kenyon after seeing a cat cross the street. He was very concerned.

"This sand just isnt working." Says Kenyon while trying in vain to build a sand castle.

"A boys got to do what a boys got to do." Kenyon (overheard saying while helping Grandpa David use a screwdriver)

"When I grow up my wife is going to have a princess bed and I'm going to have a Transformer bed." Kenyon

I asked Kenyon where meat comes from, "animals". We asked him where this meat came from (pointing to our dinner), and he says in a calm voice, "kittens".

River had a little rash on his bottom, and when asked why he thought he had the rash he said very seriously, "There are little bugs that came to eat my poop, then they took it back to their Secret Lair."