Friday, October 8, 2010

Our family picture

So all that we needed was a simple snapshot of our family for our ward directory....It wasn't that simple.  We had to set the camera on an automatic timer, and the madness ensued.  The kids are starving, I just got out of the shower and have wet hair and no makeup, Ryan REALLY didn't want to do this, and Kenyon refused to smile at all unless we gave him candy.  I never want to do this again.
River making a run for it, and apparently that is Kenyon's smile.

Ok, Kenyon, that's enough.  I think I might be trying to dry my hair.  Thank you for holding it together River
This is basically a picture of my life in general
If you can believe it THIS is the final picture...Kenyon's jazz hands and all

Kenyon clearly annoyed, Ryan gone....I've think I'm trying to picture myself on a warm beach somewhere.....Didn't work....Still here